Beginning this August under the LuK brand – Schaeffler expands its portfolio for transmission repair with the LuK GearBOX

16.06.17 / LuK

Depuis août, sous la marque LuK: Schaeffler a élargi sa gamme de solutions de réparation pour boîtes de vitesses en proposant la LuK GearBOX

Schaeffler is offering a complete solution for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with the LuK GearBOX, which significantly simplifies the repair of manual and double-clutch transmissions as well as differentials. This repair solution was available until now under the INA brand – the changeover to the LuK brand becomes effective beginning in August. And this year Schaeffler will more than double the LuK GearBOX range for the Automotive Aftermarket.

With the help of the LuK GearBOX, garage professionals can avoid having to turn to a transmission specialist. Now they can replace the most important wear parts in manual and double-clutch transmissions as well as differentials themselves. Each of these holistic repair solutions is the result of intensive analyses of the most common causes of transmission failure, and contains all necessary components for complete and professional repair. Besides wear parts like gaskets, O-rings, shaft seals and main bearings, the product is also delivered with components to repair specific causes of failure. To the 14 versions of the LuK GearBOX currently available, Schaeffler will be adding over 20 new solutions for additional transmission types from Ford, GM, Renault and Volkswagen during the course of this year.

In August, when the rebranding from INA to LuK begins, the Automotive Aftermarket business division of Schaeffler bundles all its repair solutions for the transmission under the LuK brand. “Our portfolio is always aligned to the needs of garages and conceived for set repair procedures,” said Rouven Daniel, Head of Transmission at Schaeffler in the Automotive Aftermarket. “Garage professionals know LuK as a brand for transmissions. So it makes sense to offer our GearBOX under this product brand now as well.”

The rebranding will have very little effect on customers. They can continue to sell their remaining inventory of the product under the INA brand. The LuK GearBOX contains the same components as the previous solution. Information and ordering systems, like TecDoc and the online catalog from Schaeffler, will automatically take users from the INA GearBOX to the LuK GearBOX in the future. Additional information about the expanded portfolio is available – including repair instructions, product and service information – to registered users here.